Kill the undemocratic constitution

13 07 2012

At The Irrawaddy a day or so ago, there was a story that has a Thailand ring about it. The main point is that:

the one issue that surely stands as the most important if Burma is finally to takes its rightful place as an equal in the community of nations. That issue is the 2008 Constitution—or rather, the need to scrap it in favor of a genuinely democratic charter.

That constitution, like Thailand’s 2007 version, was put in place by the military and was meant to entrench the military’s political power. Thailand’s version was meant to entrench the power of the conservative royalist elite.

In neither country has the rigged constitution been unchallenged and voters have been persistent in showing their desire for something more than the conservatives want to allow.

The article states that “[w]ith the exception of this handful of excessively privileged individuals, however, everyone else … knows that the country needs sweeping change, not just a fine-tuning of the established order.” In the article the business community is mentioned. In Thailand, the desire for change is broader, as it is in Burma.

The author concludes that “the only way to put power where it belongs—in the hands of the people—is by completely rewriting the Constitution.” That could easily be a comment on Thailand.



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