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13 07 2012

To read this report in The Nation, anyone not familiar with the cult of personality in Thailand would be forgiven for thinking they were in a different universe. The fawning of the monarchy in the media is demeaning of “journalists.” This particular example of the royal nonsense begins:

The Royal Thai Air Force (RTAF) yesterday held a meeting to prepare pilots and helicopters for His Majesty the King’s visit to Ratchaburi on Sunday July 15 to inspect a royal soil-rehabilitation project at Khao Cha Ngum.

Taxpayer funds will be used to ferry the king about on whatever the aged monarch thinks will suit him. Notice too that he does these things at critical political times. There’s no coincidence, as it is the royal palace that mobilized the judiciary for political purposes, from at least April 2006.

At the 201st Helicopter Squadron (Royal Guard), the head of the Royal Helicopter Coordination Centre, Air Vice Marshal Saman Sangkhorn, joined the meeting with the pilots who are to transport HM the King, HM the Queen and HRH Princess Maha Chakri Sirindhorn.

The RTAF will provide three helicopters – including the Bell 412 EP helicopter number 36303, piloted by Air Vice Marshal Thanomsak Yenpiam and Group Captain Sermkiat Konmanee, for the monarch and royal family members – while the Royal Thai Army will provide one helicopter.

What was that joke about how many air marshal’s it takes to ferry a couple of royal personages about? Fortunately the air force has plenty of them. Another one, indeed, the boss of the whole air force has to be involved too:

Air Force chief Air Chief Marshall Itthiporn Supawong will be the director of transportation for this royal trip.

And the “journalists” provide the most important of details:

The first pilot, Thanomsak, said he was proud and grateful to have a chance to fly the royal helicopter again. He has served in this important job since 1993. The most recent royal flight he piloted was on November 8, 2005, when the King and HRH Princess Maha Chakri Sirindhorn visited Yang Chum reservoir.

Gee whiz. How great it is to know that kind of detail. It gets even more detailed:

The Bell 412 EP helicopter has been used by the RTAF since 2003. Its 1,800-horsepower engine can achieve a speed of 120 knots, altitude of 20,000 feet and can fly for up to three hours.

Maybe these reporters can become political reporters as The Nation seldom ever seems to provide accurate details in their political reports. We wonder if the helicopters were kitted out in North Korea?



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