King still well

17 07 2012

That might sound like a Not The Nation headline, yet it does match the stories in the media at present regarding the king’s health. A couple of days ago we posted on the king’s “brain bleeding” and noted that this often serious condition was described by the Royal Household Bureau as a miraculous recovery, with all “normal”: The king’s “blood pressure, heartbeat, and breathing patterns were normal, according to the bureau’s statement issued yesterday.”

At The Nation, it is reported that “the King’s cerebral haemorrhaging has stopped…”. Hadn’t it stopped in the previous iteration? Did the bleeding continue? Of course, “his overall condition is now improving, according to the Royal Household Bureau.”

This kind of reporting is par for the course. While the king has been in hospital for almost 3 years, he is always described as “normal.” It is clear that no real truth is ever possible regarding the king or his family.



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