Updated: Publications of interest I

19 07 2012

A reader has reminded us of the site http://www.boell-southeastasia.org, which has some useful content on Thailand that might be of interest to other readers.

Under publications – http://www.boell-southeastasia.org/web/123.html – are sections “Media for Democracy in Thailand” and “Gender Democracy in Thailand” and “Energy and Climate Change in Thailand”. Some of the content is only in Thai.

Publications that might be of interest are for instance:

– รายงานประจำปีของเครือข่ายพลเมืองเน็ตในปี 2554, Thai Netizen Network Annual Report 2554 (Thai only, 176 pages)

– Situational Report on Control and Censorship of Online Media, through the Use of Laws and the Imposition of Thai State Policies. By the Research Team on “The Effect of the Computer Crime Act (2007)… English, 28 pages.As this is a Foundation in memory of German writer Heinrich Böll, these links are unlikely to be removed, even if there would be a request to do so from Thai authorities.

Update: While we are looking at worthy articles and reports on Thailand, a link supplied by a reader prompts PPT to link to a chapter “Citizen King. Embodying Thainess” by Michael Connors, from his book Democracy and National Identity in Thailand. The chapter is made available by NIAS Press, and our link to the PDF is at the Commentary pages.



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