Corrected: The Democrat Party, Thaksin and the political court

23 07 2012

The Democrat Party continues its attacks against former Prime Minister Thaksin Shinawatra. At The Nation it is reported that Democrat Party MP Thepthai Senpong “assailed” Thaksin “for attempting to discredit the Constitution Court and criticising its verdict in the charter-change case.”

One of the comments Thaksin made was at the Wall Street Journal, where it is reported he said:

the constitution needs to be revised to make it more democratic, since it was written in the wake of the 2006 coup.

“I would like to urge everybody in Thailand, especially the Constitutional Court, that Thailand needs to move forward in a democratic manner, not just like this,” he said. “This is not good for the country.”

On that, he is correct. PPT considers that the sham verdict deserves considerable criticism and the court itself must be considered a corrupt and politically-manipulated institution (for background, readers can search our site using the tag “Constitutional Court). Indeed, it is the Democrat Party that has benefited much from the biased decisions emanating from the royalist court.

The Democrat Party believes – quite rightly – that the Constitutional Court is its best ally in its never-ending battle with Thaksin. This is not just because the court has saved the Democrat Party, but because the court is part of a royalist cabal with the Party.

This alliance also receives support from the ultra-royalist extremists such as the Siam Samakki group leader Prasarn Maruekphitak who also hammered Thaksin for daring to criticize the kangaroo court’s “verdict.”

[Corrected] The royalists and ultra-royalists remain desperate in their desire to protect the military junta’s undemocratic constitution, fearing further democratization.



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