Updated: Amsterdam no longer a Thaksin lobbyist in the U.S.

1 08 2012

The Legal Times reports that “Amsterdam & Partners on Monday submitted a lobbying termination report that says the firm’s government advocacy work for Thaksin [Shinawatra] ended on June 30, two years after it began.”


The relationship between Amsterdam & Peroff and Thaksin and the red shirts has been extensive and, PPT would suggest, highly successful. Amsterdam has been a remarkably visible and effective advocate, with considerable political and media skills.

The report does not make it clear whether the relationship will continue outside the limited lobbying conducted in the U.S.

Update: As PPT suggested, the above commentary refers to lobbying in the U.S. A reader tells us that Amsterdam has this on Twitter:

1. Rumors I no longer work for the Red Shirts are completely false. I remain as committed as ever to making sure my clients receive justice. I should also confirm I remain retained by Dr Thaksin with my main efforts focused on bringing the 2010 Thai regime to account at the ICC.

2. ผมขอยืนยันตรงนี้ว่าผมไม่มีวันเลิกทำงานให้คนเสื้อแดง เพราะผมเป็นคนเสื้อแดงครับ – reaffirming his commitment to the red shirts.




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