Updated: Tul’s vulgar threats

8 08 2012

A couple of readers have asked why PPT hasn’t mentioned ultra-royalist Tul Sitthisomwong’s threat to academic Somsak Jeamteerasakul. Part of the reason is because both New Mandala and then Bangkok Pundit have provided excellent coverage of the threat and the failure of much of the mainstream media to report it.

Matichon had the story that was the basis of the New Mandala post and this was published on 4 August, a day after Tul’s Facebook rant (sign in to Facebook to read his wall). Our comment here is mainly based on our quick reading of Tul on Facebook.

A Nation photo.

PPT doesn’t usually read Facebook, but as several readers (here and here) have pointed out at New Mandala, Tul’s wall is full of his own rants and those by followers who proclaim love for the monarchy and king while posting vicious and vulgar statements of hate for those they consider opponents, and that makes it worth a look.

As Bangkok Pundit points out, there are some on the red shirt side who post threats as well, but it is revealing that the mainstream media chooses to highlight these and not even report those by the self-appointed spokesperson of the ultra-royalists.

In the various Facebook posts, Tuls’ “friends” have joined him in making threats, asking why he chooses a Winchester over an 11mm cartridge and suggesting that all of the “anti-monarchy bastards” should face the gun and so on. Tul responds on the caliber by noting that he meant a .357 cartridge.

If one looks at Tul’s Facebook info page, not only does he claim to be representing “the people,” but his education is that of the elite: Triam Udom School, St. Gabriel’s College and Chulalongkorn University. His vulgar and usually witless postings at Facebook attract a similar crowd of yellow shirts who appreciate the opportunity to unleash on their hated opponents in vulgar and threatening ways. In this sense, as when he leads the so-called no colors (who are all yellow shirts), Tul is able to provide a surrogate platform for views that were once common on the People’s Alliance for Democracy stage and amongst rally participants.

In the current exchange with his “friends,” his most recent claim is that: “ธรรมศาสตร์เอาคนที่ทำ thesis เรื่องคอมมิวนิสต์ในประเทศไทย มาลอนประวัติศาสตร์นี่เอง รุ่นนี้ถึงคิดไม่เอาสถาบันกันหมด” saying that Thammasat has hired Somsak as a teacher,  who wrote a thesis on the history of the CPT, and pointing out that this lot want to see an end to the monarchy. For PPT, this statement is full of meaning. Essentially Tul links himself to the rightists who massacred “communists” at Thammasat in 1976.

We are sure he would be entirely comfortable with that position for those rightists killed in the name of the monarchy.

Update: As we have mentioned 1976, it seems like an opportunity to mention a new document PPT has posted at our Monarchy and lese majeste page. It is “Lese Majeste Used as Political Trick”, by Inoue Sumio and was published in AMPO in 1976 (it is a 1MB PDF).



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