Updated: Monarchy articles available

14 08 2012

A reader alerted us to the availability of two articles on the monarchy by Kevin Hewison. Both are from the 1990s and at Hewison’s page that includes scores of his papers over the years.

The most significant is K. Hewison  (1997) “The Monarchy and Democratisation,” in K. Hewison (ed.), Political Change in Thailand. Democracy and Participation, London and New York: Routledge, pp. 58-74. This is an important paper, with academic Michael Connors saying:

Handley’s explosive biography and its wall-crumbling (not yet tumbling) effect were not totally unprecedented. Kevin Hewison’s (1997) book chapter “The Monarchy and Democratization” critically expounded what he described as the “Standard Total View” of the Thai Monarchy (STVTM). Hewison’s ironic riff on Michael Vickery’s term “Standard Total View” announced both a very political critique of an institution that aspires to transcendence and the presence of a cult ideology which few had cared to name. His piece also touched on the Crown Property Bureau (Hewison,1997), the monarchy’s stance during the events of 1973 and 1976, and on the conservative nature of Bhumibol’s political outlook.

The second is much shorter – just two pages – and while from 1999, is still worth reading for its comments on palace politicization and succession. It is: K. Hewison (1999) “Thailand: Monarchical Politics,” Oxford Analytica Asia-Pacific Daily Brief, 6 August.

Update: PPT has just found that Connors’ article cited above is available for free download from the Journal of Contemporary Asia.



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