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14 08 2012

Some time ago the journal Critical Asian Studies made their special issue on the 1976 military coup in Thailand available for free download. In recent days the Journal of Contemporary Asia has followed suit, making available its special issue on Thailand from 1978. This issue became the edited book Thailand: Roots of conflict, edited by Jonathan Fast, Andrew Turton and Malcolm Caldwell and published by  Spokesman Books, but long out of print.

The articles available at the Taylor & Francis website are:

  • Editorial, pp. 3-4
  • Malcolm Caldwell, Thailand and imperialist strategy in the 1980’s, pp. 5-20
  • David Elliott, The socio-economic formation of modern Thailand, pp. 21-50
  • Peter F. Bell, ‘Cycles’ of class struggle in Thailand, pp. 51-79
  • Marian Mallet, Causes and consequences of the October ’76 coup, pp. 80-103
  • Andrew Turton, The current situation in the Thai countryside, pp. 104-42
  • Patrice de Beer, History and policy of the communist party of Thailand, pp. 143-57

The website has other articles available for free download and readers may look around the site for free articles. We may have missed some, but found the following on Thailand:



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