Police seek snipers

19 08 2012

In a follow-up to our earlier post, the Bangkok Post reports that the police, despite pressure from Army boss General Prayuth Chan-ocha, is planning to call in military snipers. More significantly, the police say “they have evidence…”.

The evidence apparently allows “investigators … to identify armed members of an army sniper unit who may have had a role in causing injury and deaths in the 2010 violence.” The police say they will summon the snipers “to further investigate who should be held accountable…”.

Police investigators and DSI are said to be preparing for a joint meeting “on Monday to discuss how to proceed with the case.” As it is DSI that has to call in the snipers, the police might be seen as pressuring the DSI not to backslide (as the Army boss seems to want).

The report comes as “the Prime Minister’s Office recently appointed 50 police officers to the DSI as ‘investigators for special cases’ related to the 2010 events.”

Expect more whining and threats from the military brass.