Zen journalist, the monarchy and derision

20 08 2012

Andrew MacGregor Marshall’s Zen journalist site deserves a mention in this blog for two recent posts he has that readers will find enlightening.

The first refers to a TIME article from 27 May 1966 (he has the whole article posted), which was part of the U.S. effort to make the monarchy central to its anti-communism efforts in Thailand, along with arming the military so that it could kill civilians and maintain a dictatorial government. As Marshall points out, in the “1950s and 1960s, Thailand was transformed forever by a massive influx of American money and military manpower, as the United States battled the spread of communism in Indochina. Thailand’s monarchy was regarded by the Americans as playing an absolutely crucial role in this struggle.”

The second is an important account, originally in English and now in ไทย titled “Uneducate People,” regarding yellow shirt attitudes to their political opponents.