Still promoting elite double standards

26 08 2012

When he was premier, Abhisit Vejjajiva was able to lock up his political opponents or use the military against them. He seems to miss those days. The Nation reports that Abhisit is (again) whining that he was prevented from doing exactly what he planned by a group of 70 or 100 red shirts (The Nation report can’t seems to decide which number). His democratically-inept Democrat Party is apparently demanding that the “Yingluck [Shinawatra] government strictly enforce the law…”. We guess they mean red shirt protesters should be locked up.

The report states that the “former PM’s car could not enter as the rally blocked the entrance to the association, forcing his driver to circle around three or four times to find other entrances.”

It is added that “Bang Poo Police station and 200 anti-riot police kept security during the red shirt rally and there was no reports of clashes.” Despite this, as a political stunt, “Abhisit said he decided not to join the seminar as security officials believed the incident could turn violent. He said the red shirts had no right to block him from carrying out his duty.” He further whined that red shirts “do not just express their opinions but are prone to commit violence. It is not fair…”.

PPT recognizes that Abhisit and his party has a confused past on all of this. The double standard is that they support demonstrations and rallies that are in their interests and want anyone else jailed.

One comparison is with Thaksin Shinawatra in LA, where he too had to cancel a speech because he was worried about yellow shirts. We recall that the Bangkok Post reported before that event that the Democrat Party was inciting action against Thaksin: “The most extreme reaction to his US visit came several weeks ago from ex-foreign minister and yellow shirt supporter Kasit Piromya, who suggested Thailand should break relations with Washington if US authorities allowed Thaksin to visit.” We don’t recall any condemnation of the transnational yellow shirt/Democrat Party supporters from Abhisit or any of his lot. They were cheering. Not that long ago the Democrat Party was urging its supporters to join People’s Alliance for Democracy rallies that wanted to block parliament. Another comparison is one we have made several times, where the double standards of Abhisit’s chum Korn Chatikavanij have been on display, calling for draconian measures against red shirts while supporting PAD‘s right to rally, block parliament, Government House and Bangkok’s airports.

It seems Abhisit (and Korn), as a son of the elite, really does believe you can have your cake and eat it too.



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