Updated: Suthep and Abhisit

28 08 2012

Yesterday, in a brief update to an earlier post, PPT noted that former deputy premier and the man mostly responsible for security issues under Abhisit Vejjajiva’s royalist government Suthep babbled about his capacity for only telling the truth before his “talk,” over many hours, with the Department of Special Investigation. In fact, this is how the Bangkok Post reported him: “I’ll tell only the truth…”.

It seems it is difficult for Suthep to recognize the truth because even this statement of him telling the truth is revealed as a lie. Andrew Spooner has a post worth reading at Asian Correspondent, where Suthep is quoted by Matichon as saying that he had “never seen” video footage of troops “shooting at Red Shirt protesters in the afternoon of April 1oth 2010 at Kok Wua.” It is impossible that a man in his position could not have seen this widely available footage, much of it available on the very night of the events.

As for Abhisit, Spooner draws attention to a Thai Rath report where Abhisit is quoted as warning Yingluck Shinawatra that an elected government should not interfere with the Army or else she would end up like her brother, Thaksin, overthrown in a military coup. Abhisit must simply love that idea as the Army might even make him prime minister again.

Abhisit has said that his party plans to “grill” the government on “white lies” about the economy. We wonder if the Democrat Party would ever be able to ask itself about the myriad of lies it has told regarding the murderous events it unleashed in 2010. They were black lies.

Update: The Nation now carries an account of Suthep’s 10 hour “meeting” with DSI and investigators, including his claims about being blind to evidence. The Nation headline appears to misrepresent the story in that Suthep’s claim is that the Army didn’t “fire first.” This seems to be something of a shift in the Democrat Party story on events, and different from that by the Army boss; until now, the claim has been that the Army killed not a single person.



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