Updated: Abhisit’s narcissistic rage

9 09 2012

Former premier Abhisit Vejjajiva has repeatedly displayed an elitist and narcissistic attitude to politics, temperamentally complaining that his failures are the result of “unfair” actions by others. Blame shifting is a kind of measure of self-delusion as one’s own failures remain unrecognized. If red shirts rally, blame Thaksin Shinawatra for paying them. If voters repeatedly reject the Democrat Party, blame ignorant, duped or paid voters. If scores of people are killed in military crackdowns, blame the victims.

Hence it is no surprise to see in the Bangkok Post that Abhisit “has accused the government of … allowing his party’s opponents to freely attack opposition members.” Abhisit is whining that he seems to be a despised and tainted political figure in many parts of the country. His complaint is that people that he repressed, imprisoned and used live fire zones against are opposing him and his party. The man who sent the army to shoot political opponents now bleats about reconciliation.


Abhisit complained that his party “was now working under difficult circumstances as it has been criticised by the mainstream media, especially big newspapers, and abused by its political rivals.” Funny, when the mainstream media breathed royalist nonsense and his opponents were being shot and jailed and their media closed, we don’t recall Abhisit being perturbed.

The Democrat Party leader claimed “someone attempted to hit him with a car … recently.” Worse, he complained that the  Puea Thai Party “had attempted to unseat him as the party’s chief as he was the one with whom they could not compromise.” Only Abhisit could find it in any way odd that an opposing political party should manoeuvre against him as an opposition leader.

Abhisit’s disdain for the rest of humanity is displayed when he expects us all – media, voters, and everyone else – to be a thick as posts and to forget his actions in supporting the ultra-royalist People’s Alliance for Democracy as he attempted to unseat several premiers from 2005 to 2008 and again now that he is back in opposition. He thinks we are all cretins.

He whinges that Thaksin and the Puea Thai Party are trying to “find a way to discredit me…”. PPT would have thought that Abhisit had done a pretty good job of discrediting himself in recent years. At least voters have shown that he is discredited and tainted.

Abhisit then big notes himself in his self-delusional rant: “no opposition leaders in the past had done as much as he had accomplished in just one year.” We wonder if he includes such achievements as joining with ultra-royalists and encouraging an attack on the parliament’s speaker in that.

The explanation for this outburst of narcissistic rage and remarkable self-delusion appears to be the the investigation of red shirt deaths in 2010 coming ever closer to Abhisit and his cronies.

Update: In the last lines of the above post, we commented on Abhisit’s fear that investigations were getting closer to him. Asia Provocateur now reports that “Matichon … claims that the Department of Special Investigations … are seeking to prosecute both former Thai PM and present leader of the Thai Democrat Party, Abhisit Vejjajiva, and his former deputy, Suthep Thaugsuban for murder” and attempted murder over the events of 2010.



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