Further updated: Yellow shirts vs. red shirts

25 09 2012

By now many readers will have already seen accounts of the clash between the People’s Alliance for Democracy and red shirts outside the Crime Suppression Division headquarters. One account is at the Bangkok Post, where the report implies that yellow shirts attacked red shirts. The Post reports that the clashes “left scores of people from both sides injured.”

The clash occurred as “yellow shirts, led by Suwat Apaipak, a lawyer for the People’s Alliance for Democracy, turned up to show support for Manasnant Nookham, 31, a former teacher who last month publicly accused key red-shirt supporter Darunee Kritbunyalai of defaming the monarchy.” In other words, Darunee is accused of lese majeste in yet another political use of the horrid law.

Manasnant was called in to give a statement, and the yellow shirts showed up to provide support. Red shirts were there to support Darunee who had filed a defamation charge with the CSD. The report states that “both sides waved placards and banners, traded insults and threw water bottles at each other…. Tensions escalated about 11am when a group of yellow shirts smashed the windshield of a truck belonging to red-shirt radio station FM90.25.”

Not surprisingly, the Democrat Party blamed red shirts. The odd thing seems to be that neither Manasnant nor Darunee showed up. Heavy rain ended the clash.

It remains to be seen whether this clash portends increased violence or is an isolated event.

Update 1: Thai Rath has pictures and video of the clash. The video begins with a series of stills.

Update 2: The Bangkok Post reports that the two “groups had been mistakenly informed of the date of the summons hearing, which was to be today. It has been rescheduled for October 29.” Meanwhile, “Red-shirt leader Kokaew Pikulthong, a Pheu Thai MP, called on the yellow-shirt leaders to control their supporters. He also warned the red-shirt supporters to behave to prevent any negative publicity for the government.”



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