Democrat Party sewerage

1 10 2012

There’s an odd story in the Bangkok Post this morning. It has to do with flooding in Bangkok. In this instance, the issue is local flooding rather than a deluge from the north.

A couple of days ago a Puea Thai Party official demanded that the Bangkok Metropolitan Administration (BMA) explain flooding caused by the blocked drains, full of sand bags, construction waste and plastic debris.

In response, Democrat deputy spokesman Nat Bantadtan, who must be as sharp as a bowling ball, countered: “It is obvious Pheu Thai is up to something. It has insisted Bangkok will be saved from floods, so politicising the issue is an attempt to put the blame on the BMA…”. His view seems to be that “political subterfuge had been launched to discredit the BMA, which is controlled by the Democrat …[Party]…”.

Presumably Yingluck Shinawatra and her friends have been driving around Bangkok in their designer pick-ups, dumping this crap down the sewers.

Alternatively, it just might be that the BMA has been remarkably lazy in clearing drains. In the area where one of PPT’s team resides, no BMA team has shown up in over 8 years to clean the drains. Floods are now caused by every instance of heavy rain and take far longer to drain.

PPT has no doubt that most of this has to do with local construction. Most of this construction is illegal in that it always goes beyond the granted permits and we are sure BMA officials are paid off. Worse, truckloads of sand are dumped on top of drains, cement and other waste is always poured down the drains.

From this local perspective, it makes little difference who is in charge of the BMA. Corruption and hopeless regulation (or lack of it) is to blame.

The Democrat Party seems to be in the gutter and down the drain on this. For all we know, there might have been political sabotage, but the issue is one of failed city administration. It is the same administration that sees fires in unregistered clubs, construction corruption, and planning that allows malls and condos to sprout like mushrooms in tiny sois and roads with inadequate capacity.



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8 10 2012
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8 10 2012
More sewerage « Political Prisoners of Thailand

[…] a week ago, PPT posted on what we said was “an odd story in the Bangkok Post…”. In that post we noted a debate […]

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