Police investigations on crackdown continue

1 10 2012

The Nation reports that police are continuing to investigate the events of April and May 2010. It states that “the Department of Special Investigation … investigators were summoning commanders of Army divisions and battalions that deployed troops to crackdown on red-shirt protesters to testify.” To date these commanders have failed to give evidence or have postponed meetings with DSI.

Meanwhile, also at The Nation, it is reported that a special government committee has been established to hold public hearings associated with the recommendations of the Truth for Reconciliation Commission of Thailand. Spokesman for the panel Weerawong Jitmittraparp, said it would be “following up on the proposals of the TRCT, … using parts of the TRCT’s proposals to hold public discussions.”

Weerawong said “his panel would only acknowledge the TRCT report without endorsing it or agreeing with it because it has yet to study reports from other agencies, including the House, the King Prajadipok’s Institute and some private organisations. He said it would be up to the courts to decide who was right or wrong in the political violence.”



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