Its official! Floods to be less than 2011

2 10 2012

Those who have been running a bit of a political campaign on flooding are now going to have to watch what they say, for there has been a royal proclamation on floods. The Bangkok Post reports that the messenger from the hospital, Princess Chulabhorn has let it be known that the king has predicted that “the situation would be less severe than last year…”. She states: “His Majesty is very concerned whether there will be heavy flooding this year but he expects that this year’s flooding will be less severe than last year.” Whew! We can all relax now that a royal pronouncement has been issued.

Chulabhorn adds: “He gives great importance to this issue…”. He sure does. Most of the dams in the country have the same names as royal family members and the Royal Irrigation Department loves that first word in its name and spends much of its time and some of its funds pandering to royal schemes.

Actually, Bangkok Pundit has been posting sensible material on dams and floods for some time, and he has data and graphs. He says:

Flash floods caused by heavy rainfall can certainly cause a lot of damage, but this is a different type of flood compared with 2011. So far the authorities have managed the water level in the dams and hence also the discharge of water from the dams with very little discharge of water right at the peak time of worry (i.e in September and October) which is the complete opposite of what happened in 2011. Of course, we may now get weeks of very heavy rain, but so far there is no evidence to suggest the mismanagement of water in the dams will be a problem for 2012.



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