At the red shirt political school

6 10 2012

The new blog Red Shirts has a post on a red shirt political school held in Bangkok. Prior to the last massing of red shirts in Bangkok from March to May 2010, hundreds of political schools were conducted all around the country.

Last week, it is reported that more than 1,500 community leaders from from Bangkok and surrounding areas launched the UDD’s first political school for the year. The event was free and for a full day and “gave participants the opportunity to hear from prominent Red Shirt figures as well as exchange ideas and strategies among themselves. The topics covered included: the key principles and duties of the Red Shirt movement; its history and relationship with the Thai establishment; as well as Thailand’s path to truth, justice, and reconciliation.”

The core message from UDD Secretary General Nattawut Saikua was: “We must be patient. Ours struggle is decades old, and our victory will be felt by the generations to come.” He and others urged red shirts not to be “provoked by crazy people.” It was argued that red shirts needed to remain disciplined as pressures were applied to the Puea Thai government and to stay united “in the struggle for democracy.”

UDD leader Thida Tawornsate Tojirakarn “promised that similar events would take place across the country in the coming months.”



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