More sewerage

8 10 2012

About a week ago, PPT posted on what we said was “an odd story in the Bangkok Post…”. In that post we noted a debate between the Puea Thai Party and the Democrat Party on “blocked drains, full of sand bags, construction waste and plastic debris.” Democrat Party deputy spokesman Nat Bantadtan stated: “It is obvious Pheu Thai is up to something. It has insisted Bangkok will be saved from floods, so politicising the issue is an attempt to put the blame on the BMA…”. His view seemed to be that “political subterfuge had been launched to discredit the BMA, which is controlled by the Democrat …[Party]…”.

It just got odder as another dispute over sandbags in drainage seeped to the surface.

At the Bangkok Post, Bangkok governor Sukhumbhand Paribatra has “insisted it was part of the preparations to cope with flooding.” The “it” here refers to placing sand bags in large drains, and he says they are meant to stop flooding by preventing water getting into sewerage lines and smaller drains. Sukhumbhand also “insisted that the sandbags belong to the BMA.  Whoever wanted to remove them must first coordinate with the BMA…”. He added that:

Dredging canals and waterways is not the only aspect of water management.  Proper use of watergates and water pumping stations, as well as use of sandbags, are the other measures. Those stuffed in the drains on Srinakarin Road did not affect the drainage capacity in that area….

Science and Technology Minister Plodprasop Surasawadi said he would “investigate the Bangkok city administration for stuffing sandbags into the drainage system on Srinakarin Road in disobedience of the instructions of the Water and Flood Management Commission (WFMC).”

Plodprasop said “he would order the sandbags removed because putting them in the drainage system went against an agreement that the BMA would help the WFMC in draining water out of the city.  The sandbags, instead, blocked the waterflow…”. He “wondered if it was a deliberate ploy to upset the WFMC…”.

It seems the sand bags are now highly politicized and that stories ebb and flow much as the waters do.



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