Getting ready

21 10 2012

Several readers have recently pointed out to PPT that the crown prince is getting more “air time” of late. With both his parents aged and ill, there can be little doubt that preparations are underway for succession.

An example of the transition in advertising to the crown prince is seen in a recent story at the Pattaya Daily News, where an decrepit navy tub has been sunk to honor the prince’s 60th birthday. It is always odd when the monarchy is honored for something that seems quite normal and workperson-like, but in royalist Thailand it seems that even sinking a disabled ship is deserving of royal propaganda.

Even if the idea of sinking a ship to honor someone is stretching credulity, the line used is, of course, that the royals are big on the environment (and this leaky boat becomes an artificial reef. Of course, the royals make this pitch while supporting the building of huge shopping centers, resorts, palaces, dams and so on, but it is the claim that matters rather than any fact.

PPT expects the prince to be getting plenty more of this attention.



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