The junta’s constitution

31 10 2012

It is often forgotten that, back when he was the military’s premier, Abhisit Vejjajiva abruptly decided to “negotiate” with red shirts but argued against an election because he wanted to first change the constitution.

Nothing came from this empty claim, and Abhisit has reverted to his position as opposed to changing a single word in the constitution that was the military junta’s demon seed.

Hence we can assume that the Puea Thai Party’s statement that it again plans to seek changes is sure to be like whiskey for an alcoholic as it was when the Democrat Party behaved like drunken football hooligans in parliament.

That said, the party and government are treading carefully, with plans only to amend  Section 291, hoping that this will “pave the way for the formation of a constitution drafting assembly with the authority to write a new charter.”

Opponents will again make the ludicrous claim that amending the constitution is a part of a plan to overthrow the  monarchy and to provide immunity for Thaksin Shinawatra.

With the poorly disguised yellow shirts again being organized, the Thaksin strategy of avoiding political land mines at all cost is looking unlikely to avoid this rather large bomb. He and the party – which has been alienating red shirts – is going to need them if the party is to avoid going the way of Thai Rak Thai and People’s Power.



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