ICC officials in Bangkok I

1 11 2012

Thanks to a reader who drew our attention to the Nation Channel report that officers and investigators of the International Criminal Court have been in Bangkok and holding meetings regarding the possibility of investigating the events of April and May 2010. It reports that the ICC representatives, from the Office of the Prosecutor, have met with “red shirt” parliamentarians, including Weng Tojirakarn, and are gathering “preliminary evidence.” The representatives are to meet with the Minister for Foreign Affairs.

The Minister can give the ICC permission to investigate the events of 2010, although there is some concern that the opposition will argue that such jurisdiction falls under the trearty arrangements (section 190) of the constitution.

This visit is the result of the efforts by United Front for Democracy against Dictatorship lawyer Robert Amsterdam with the ICC, an earlier call by Weng regarding jurisdiction and a June visit to The Hague by red shirts and others.



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