Lese majeste as a political crime in Malaysia

6 11 2012

PPT thought readers might be interested to see that lese majeste or its equivalent in computer laws is being used in Malaysia by an embattled government in its political battles. Interesting, isn’t it, how entrenched elites use these laws to protect their privilege.

An AP report states that:

27-year-old Ahmad Abdul Jalil in Kuala Lumpur and took him to southern Johor State late on Friday. He was freed briefly on Monday after a magistrate court in Johor refused to extend his remand order but police immediately arrested him again, said his sister Anisa Abdul Jalil.

Anisa said the family was told he was being investigated for seditious remarks against the Johor sultan.

She said the family did not know what the offensive statements were. Local media have reported that the Facebook postings at issue question Sultan Ibrahim Iskandar’s abilities as leader of a special forces group.

This sultan is a deeply controversial figure yet the AP report parrots Thai-like nonsense about sultans “command wide respect after centuries of hereditary rule.” They are also protected by political laws.



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