Who’s bad?

11 11 2012

Bangkok Post op-ed writer Voranai Vanijaka, like others on those pages, has a long record of opposing red shirts and the pro-Thaksin Shinawatra political parties. One of his more partisan scribblings was when he supported the Democrat Party “mini-caravan” before the 2011 election that was meant to remind the electorate of the red shirt “riots” in 2010.

His Sunday column in the Bangkok Post is equally partisan. Yes, he does have a couple of lines condemning yellow shirts, but his main point is to claim that red shirts, the Puea Thai Party and the government are fanning “fear, hatred and anger.” Of course, Voranai seems to forget his own efforts in the already cited article…. So coup-mongering former generals and intelligence bosses at Pitak Siam shouting for a million demonstrators to bring down the elected government are nothing more than people cowed and driven to “desperation” in defending the old elite, even if that is also driven by fear and hatred.

Somehow, though, the theme is that is is all the fault of the Shinawatra clan. They get recognition from international leaders, they get the Army to be less politically bellicose, they talk about democracy, and they keep winning elections. That must be just ever so terrible for the conservative and undemocratic royalist elite!

Not a mention of any Democrat Party shenanigans. In the end, it is the red side that has it all wrong: “The Thaksin political machine is winning, but this may change in the future, if the cronies are not careful with their political game of antagonism, exploiting fear, hatred and anger.” It is the “Thaksin political machine” that is responsible for Pitak Siam! They have “cornered” opponents and used “fear, hatred and anger.”

In fact, the Bangkok Post has another report, that demonstrates that Voranai’s claims of “fear, hatred and anger” are, well, exaggerated at best. While red shirts may at some point get excited about Pitak Siam, this hardly sounds like the hysteria Voranai claims:

The United Front for Democracy against Dictatorship (UDD) has yet to come up with any ideas about moves against Pitak Siam’s planned rally, said Tida Tawornseth. She said she and other UDD co-leaders were scheduled to visit provinces in the North and Northeast to preside over the opening of the group’s democracy schools at that period.

Mrs Tida said the red shirts have “discipline and maturity” and mobilise in unity, therefore holding a mob-versus-mob confrontation will not take place.

Also, the UDD did not have any plan to show up at parliament to cheer on the government during the censure debate on Nov 25-27 because the Pitak Siam mass rally is to be held nearby and may be extended to coincide with the debate.

Maybe when Voranai says “fear, hatred and anger” he really means “discipline, unity, democracy and maturity”?



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