Updated: Debriefing the failed anti-democrats

25 11 2012

The Pitak Siam rally fizzled, with only 10-20,000 showing up and suggesting that the use of the Internal Security Act was a political mistake. While some of the protesters turned almost immediately to violence, they had little support and the police were well-prepared.

The Nation has a partial timeline of events.

Also at The Nation is an account of protest leaders demanding confrontation by their supporters:

Claiming to be fighting for the monarchy, leaders of the Pitak Siam group twice told protesters to confront a police cordon and to try to break through it yesterday – the second time just before 2pm at the Misakawan Intersection near Government House.

“We’re doing this for our King, are we not?” asked a female protest leader through a loudspeaker on top of a truck just a stone’s throw from the Misakawan Intersection, where rows of police were standing. Many officers in the front row were wearing gas masks while holding transparent fibreglass anti-riot shields. “What about the police? They work for bad politicians!” the female leader said.

Leaders repeatedly urged supporters to push forward against the police:

many pushing and kicking the police shields, with some throwing fist-sized rocks and others hurling home-made fireworks. One protester pepper-sprayed a police officer in the front row. Hell broke loose as police hit back with batons and about half a dozen tear gas canisters were fired, sending everyone without gas masks, myself included, running away from the suffocating and acidic bite of the gas, which engulfed the intersection within seconds.

Old soldiers like Boonlert Kaewprasit repeatedly phoned military allies and urged protesters on by claiming that the military would come to their support.

Boonlert said he cancelled the rally “because the number of participants was smaller than expected. He blamed this on efforts by authorities and police to prevent many prospective protesters from taking part.” He added: “General Boonlert is already dead. I have lost to evil…”.

The evil he lost to was that he allowed himself to be a stooge for evil and anti-democractic royalists who hate elections, voters and democracy.

Update: The Bangkok Post reports that “137 protesters of the Pitak Siam group arrested following clashes with police yesterday have been freed without charges, People’s Alliance for Democracy (PAD) lawyer Puangthip Boonsanong said on Sunday.” One Pitak Siam detainee was “the driver of a six-wheel truck which broke through a police barrier at Makkhawan Rangsin bridge yesterday, wounding a number of police.” The truck driver remains in jail.