Uthai convicted on lese majeste

25 11 2012

It is reported at Prachatai that on 22 November, the “Roi Et Provincial Court sentenced Uthai (family name withheld) to three years in prison for lèse majesté, but suspended the jail term for two years.” That he was convicted is a travesty of justice; that he received a suspended sentence is, as PPT reads it, good news and partial recognition that the case against Uthai was pathetic.

The court confirmed when it found:

the defendant guilty of giving the leaflets to other people. However, it considered that in 2009 when the offence was committed, there were political demonstrations and conflicts among various groups, and [as a result] the defendant was likely to have received information in various ways. The police committee considering lèse majesté cases also came to the conclusion that the defendant had committed the offence unwittingly.

It admitted that there was “no evidence that the defendant produced the leaflets…”. He will be required to do community service (another lese majeste breakthrough).



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