Darunee abandoned by government

28 11 2012

As anyone interested in lese majeste knows, the Puea Thai government has been weak on lese majeste and most especially on those already jailed or in the courts. Interestingly, it has been revealed that someone in government thought for a brief moment about assisting Darunee Charnchoensilpakul, but that a political decision was made to let her stay in jail.

This information was revealed when one of the hopeless reactionaries in the Democrat Party babbled about the monarchy and national security and complained about his enemies in the red shirts locked up, mostly on bogus charges, and bailed under the Puea Thai government (which deserves credit for that).

Da Torpedo (Photo by Surapol Promsaka Na Sakolnakorn from the Bangkok Post)

Justice Minister Pracha Promnok “said the money was spent for compensation and temporary release of some detained red-shirt protesters, but not all of them. Darunee’s name was on the list but eventually the committee considering the matter decided not to bail her out…”.

That political decision may have been based on a fear of being accused of disloyalty by ultra-royalists but then that bunch have never ceased making such accusations. The upshot is that Darunee is left to rot in prison following a horrendously biased “legal process.”



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