Monarchy, harassment and playing by the elite’s rules

9 12 2012

Sathit Wongnongtoey, an Abhisit Vejjajiva acolyte who was once a minister in the Prime Minister’s Office and responsible for, amongst other things, shutting down opposition and red shirt media, is now just a humble Democrat Party MP and loyalist from Trang. At The Nation, however, he demonstrates his fidelity with Abhisit in some revealing remarks on the murder charges against Abhisit and Suthep Thaugsuban..

Apart from the standard line that Thaksin Shinawatra – described by Sathit as “a man in a faraway land” – “has been pulling the strings behind the investigators’ move to press [the] murder charges…”, he asserts that the Department of Special Investigation (DSI) boss, the Eel, Tharit Pengdit is in the pay of Thaksin. He must be, Sathit claims, because he once did the Abhisit regime’s bidding. Far be it from PPT to defend the Eel, but was he also in the pay of the Democrat Party when his organization jailed and charged hundreds of red shirts?

Sathit proclaims that DSI “must serve His Majesty the King and the public, not one particular person…”. Ignoring the obviously odd notion of public service amongst bureaucrats, the claim that DSI must serve the king is a decidedly feudal turn, invoking notions from a pre-1932 Thailand.

Loudmouth Democrat Party spokesman Chavanont Intarakomalyasut had a slightly different take on the charges, claiming they were “nothing short of harassment in order to push the opposition into accepting the amnesty law.” He did come back to Sathit’s idea when he warned: “Civil servants who wrongfully serve politicians must be held responsible and face the consequence of their actions…”.

We can expect far more of these kinds of statements over the next few weeks, not least because the Democrat Party ideologues believe that killing opposition protesters is a kind of duty demanded of royalist governments and that washing this soiled laundry in public is something just not done in ruling circles. Again, this ruffian bunch that adheres to Thaksin are simply not aware of the elite’s rules, and they will have to be punished (again).



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