The Army is never wrong

14 12 2012

Yesterday we posted regarding the Army’s failed use of what is becoming an ever costlier air ship. Today the Army reveals that the blimp known as Sky Dragon did not “crash,” but was required to “perform an emergency landing because of turbulence,” after it was just 20 meters into the air. The hard “emergency landing” smashed much of the air ship – 50% of it was damaged said one source in the Bangkok Post.money_down_toilet 2

So what do the Colonel Blimps at the Army do? Decide to spend even more taxpayer money on what is becoming a useless sink hole to rival the magic wand known as the GT200 and other stupid (but lucrative for potential kickbacks) Army purchases from dodgy companies.

The Army reckons repairs will cost 30 million baht. Add that to the original cost and the money poured down the sink repairing leaks and keeping the useless zeppelin full of gas, and the taxpayer is looking like the Army’s milch cow.

But, we hear you ask, what about insurance? The Post reports: “The blimp’s insurance was said to have expired…”.

Who is responsible for all of this less than dazzling decision-making? “Army Chief Gen Prayuth Chan-ocha … ordered the repair and said the army had no plan to ground the aircraft.” There is an attitude that that the Army can never do wrong or can’t admit that it has done something wrong, which is intimately asociated with broader notions of impunity.

Sky Dragon is a monster that can only look at the sky but consumes vast amounts of its natural food, baht.



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