Ampol inquest

19 12 2012

The Bangkok Post reports that the Criminal Court has begun “an inquest into the death of lese majeste convict Ampon Tangnoppakul.” As most readers will know, in one of the most political of lese majeste cases, Ampol was accused and then convicted of insulting the queen in series of SMS messages. Ridiculously sentenced to 20 years in a farcical court case that failed to prove Ampol had sent any messages, he perished while in jail.

The report states that the “inquest is in response to a petition from Ampon’s wife, Rosmalin Tangnoppakul, who claimed her husband died under suspicious circumstances.”

A senior nurse “admitted the prison hospital was not properly equipped to treat cancer patients” and “confirmed no doctors were present when Ampon died about 9.10am.” Why were no doctors attending?

Dr Kittibun Techaporn-anan, 39, the resident doctor, said he was with the hospital director when Ampon died.

He said a ward nurse had contacted him to say Ampon’s heart had stopped and they were trying to revive him.

He could not attend to help because he had been instructed by the hospital director to welcome the director-general of the Corrections Department, who was visiting the prison.

The life of a lese majeste convict was clearly inferior to a visit by a big shot.



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