Opposing 112

21 12 2012

PPT draws attention to another post at Red Shirts blog on opposition to the lese majeste law:112.jpg

Nearly every Sunday afternoon since March 2012, a dedicated group of Red Shirts have gathered in front of Ratchada Criminal Court under the banner “Declaration of Street Justice”. Organized by Dr Suda Rangkupan, a professor of linguistics at Chulalongkorn University, the “Friends of Thai Political Prisoners”, or the Street Justice movement, is committed to protecting the human rights of political prisoners in Thailand and 112 (lèse majesté) prisoners in particular.

The group demands an amnesty for all political prisoners and “strongly supports, not only an amendment to 112, but reform to all of Thailand’s defamation laws which they argue are in violation of Thailand’s international human rights obligations.” Dr. Suda explains that rallying at the court is significant:

Normally protesters gather outside government houses or the parliament, giving the illusion that only politicians are to blame for Thailand’s problems. We gather here in front of the court because we recognize that the abuses of power extend to these institutions [the judiciary] as well.

She adds: “The judges are very upset about our gatherings.” Of course they are. The activists draw attention to political bias in the judiciary, the double standards that exist and the judicialization of politics.



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