Reporting Khatha’s conviction

28 12 2012

Could the courts have fiendishly contrived to have their latest verdict on lese majeste-like computer crimes released when most of the international media is on holiday? While we consider the judiciary royalist and biased, PPT doesn’t think that they are this media savvy. However, it is noteworthy that one of the most bizarre and politicized of recent convictions – that of Khatha Pachachirayapong on Christmas Day – has received remarkably little international attention.

PPT can only find two stories, by Radio Australia (from an AFP newswire) and the Wall Street Journal. Interestingly, both accounts only deal with the charge related to the rumors related to the king’s health and ignore the charges related to the royal family’s political proclivities.

Khatha has been bailed, and it is hoped that more of the international media can focus on this case as the appeal moves forward.





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