Lese majeste hits the popular social media

26 01 2013

PPT came across this blog post: Thailand seriously does not want you fucking with their king. It begins:

Thailand is really outdoing itself on jailing people for insulting the king, which is apparently something of a national pastime. This week Somyot Pruksakasemsuk was given a 10-year sentence for two articles that he did not write, neither of which even mentioned the king.

It adds:

The verdict comes after a similar sentence just last week in which Yossawarit Chuklom, an adviser to the Commerce Ministry, was given a 2-year jail term for putting his hands over his mouth and not mentioning the king in a speech in 2010.

And it concludes:

Presumably one has to actually be in Thailand to get nabbed by the authorities, but I half expect a Thai swat team to kick my front door down and extradite me as soon as I hit publish, here.

The author should know that there has been one reported case of Thai authorities pursuing people overseas and laying in wait for others to show up in Thailand. Lese majeste is meant to maintain and protect a stupendously rich and opaque monarchy.



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