Red shirts on amart and amnesty

7 02 2013

The Red Shirts blog has a report on a recent political school the United Front for Democracy against Dictatorship conducted in Korat and involving some  “2,000 local grassroots activists” who met with “UDD co-leaders” and “engaged with  on the core beliefs and principles of the Red Shirt movement.”

Free them allThe “most pressing issues of amnesty for political prisoners and amending the constitution were discussed…” along with “the movement’s long term goal of overcoming the amaat power structure that continues to undermine democracy in Thailand.”

The amart system is defined as “based on an old elite network of patronage that survived the abolition of the absolute monarchy in 1932. It comprises Thailand’s old moneyed elites, military generals, and high-ranking civil servants.”Phrai

UDD leader Thida Tawornsate Tojirakarn responded to criticism that the red shirts “are purely motivated by restoring Thaksin Shinawatra to power”:

The opposition is afraid of Thaksin, and therefore assumes that we are fighting on his behalf. If they asked us, however, we would respond that we are not fighting for or against particular individuals, but for and against different political systems, with the goal of finally having democracy, justice, and equality … Red Shirts want liberal values in Thai society.

On amnesty, Thida said:

Coup-makers have been granted amnesty eight times through new constitutions. We must pressure the government to provide amnesty for political activists.

And Jatuporn Promphan pushed the official UDD line on amnesty: “We must get the prisoners out as soon as possible, and the Amnesty Decree would be the fastest way.”



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