What if we are not worthy of sympathy?

12 02 2013

Nicola Glass writes in the German online magazine  existenzielle about the lese majeste verdict meted out to Somyos Prueksakasemsuk and the recent saga involving the FCCT, that we have posted on: Debating and damning lese majeste, Chiranuch at FCCT, Debating lese majeste and responses to it, Warped world royalism and lese majeste“Somyos should be the last one”, FCCT failure on media freedom and FCCT on lese majeste.

We won’t repeat all the details, but given the rather long debate about whether one should criticize journalists or a club that has been supportive of voice on lese majeste for failing to take a stand on a particular case, her last comment seems apt:

It is our professional duty to keep reporting on human rights violations generated by the arbitrary use of the lèse-majesté-law. Many of us have repeatedly done this in the past and will continue to do so. However, all of us living and working in Thailand are well aware that, if we would decide to tell every angle of the story, we would find ourselves locked up in a cell like Somyot. And if the worst case scenario is going to happen, will some of us also find out that we, too, are not considered worthy of sympathy or support, just because certain people do not approve our political views?



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