The inquest on Fabio’s death

16 03 2013

A few days ago PPT posted on the inquest 0n the 19 May 2010 killing of journalist Fabio Polenghi during the Army crackdown ordered by the Abhisit Vejjajiva government that is continuing and  approaching a conclusion. More than 20 witness testimonies have been heard by the court and on 15 March it was hoped the court would hear 2-3 witnesses considered very important by his family.

A brief report at The Nation states that the German journalist Michel Maas, who was also shot, told the judges: “Bullets came from the direction of the military…“. Maas added that:

the bullet that hit him came from the direction of the military, and that the bullet, which was lodged inside his body for five weeks, was later identified by Department of Special Investigation (DSI) experts as an M16 rifle round. The bullet was given to the DSI as evidence, Maas told the court.

However, the Criminal Court, which will rule on 29 May refused to hear “two other witnesses, including one foreign national who videotaped the moment [Fabio]… fell, were not allowed to testify as judges said their testimony would be redundant to the trial.”

At a journalist’s blog, gjbkk blog, there is a fuller account of this action by the court, more information on witness statements and some detail regarding lies from 2010 by then Deputy Prime Minister Suthep Thaugsuban.



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