Updated: Akechai convicted of lese majeste

28 03 2013

Akechai Hongkangwarn (เอกชัย หงส์กังวาน) has been convicted on lese majeste charges. The Australian ABC reports that he was “sentenced him to five years, reduced to three years and four months for cooperation.” He was “convicted of selling DVDs without permission and breaching strict lese majeste laws which prohibit criticism of the monarchy.”Sulak

His “crime” was to sell “copies of an ABC Foreign Correspondent documentary on the monarchy which was broadcast in 2010” that was banned in Thailand for its truthful portrayal of the state of the monarchy.  He was also accused of distributing copies of two Wikileaks cables, widely available in Thailand, that commented on the monarchy in ways that the then government and the palace’s flunkies preferred to have censored.

The reports states that the “court found that his actions dishonoured the monarchy because the content of the program and documents were insulting.” Akechai will appeal his conviction.

Update: The 112 Family Network has raised “concerns on the verdict of Akechai mentioning the inviolable status of the monarchy that provided the duty of the state and Thai citizens to maintain the monarchy not only by law but also by conscience.” It seems that Thais are now [typo fixed] required to monitor their conscious and unconscious for “evil thoughts.”



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