Courts prove their bias

22 04 2013

In the past week or so PPT has pointed to several events where royalist yellow shirts get bail on serious charges. Our most recent posts on this are here and here.

Any reasonable person might think that if yellow shirts are being bailed, including leaders of the People’s Alliance for Democracy, then so might leaders of the red shirt movement. Think again, for there is no such political reasonableness when the courts are weapons in the political arsenal of royalists.

The Bangkok Post reports that the:

Criminal Court on Monday morning denied a request by Korkaew Pikulthong, a Pheu Thai party-list MP, to remain on release from Bangkok Remand Prison now the parliamentary session has ended.

The politicization of the courts is confirmed by these actions.  If that wasn’t enough, the reason for withdrawal of bail is that Korkaew is claimed to have spoken out against the politicized Constitutional Court. So the Criminal Court springs into action to defend its biased buddies.

Indeed, the Criminal Court explains that Korkaew “did not show repentence [sic] and so there are no grounds for his release on bail.”

It seems that the courts demand obeisance as if themselves royal!



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