Challenging Yingluck

18 05 2013

In our last post, PPT commented that the royalist reactionaries were again agitating for anti-Thaksin Shinawatra activists to come together to oppose the elected government. In that post we mentioned the rather dull attempt to equate neo-fascist royalism with a democracy movement.

For a reason that still eludes PPT, the yellow lot think the motivation for a mass uprising is premier Yingluck Shinawatra speaking out on democracy and opposing the 2006 military coup.

Along with the limp web-based attack, as reported at The Nation, the People’s Alliance for Democracy’s proxy, the Thai Patriotic Front, called for 50,000 people toshow up at their rather bedraggled “rally at Sanam Luang … to demand the Pheu Thai-led government resign.”

Led by PAD stalwart Chaiwat Sinsuwong, the rally was said to be set to “continue until the government agreed to step down.” Chaiwat seeks to support the Constitutional Court, a major element of the royalist attacks on the elected government.

Already the subject of  “an order by the Bangkok Metropolitan Administration (BMA) to move to another rally site,” Chaiwat knows that staying at Sanam Luang is important for political impact.

As the royalist reactionaries come together one more time, Chaiwat and his group provide one possible focus if the movement draws more support than Pitak Siam a few months ago.



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