The Democrat Party and the Constitutional Court

30 05 2013

A few days ago, PPT posted on the People’s Alliance for Democracy and its continuing reliance on the courts in their battle to unseat the elected Yingluck Shinawatra government.

We may as well have posted on the Democrat Party as it has issued a call to the Constitutional Court that is virtually identical with the PAD petition. This lack of difference indicates how closely PAD and the Democrat Party are aligned within the ultra-royalist and anti-democratic camp.

Comparing our earlier post and a story at The Nation shows the congruence of the twinned – Tweedledum and Tweedledee – organizations as their anti-democratic alliance – which has had some ups and downs – now extends over nine years.tweedle_dee_and_tweedle_dum

Like PAD’s, the Democrat Party petition to the kangaroo court “urges dissolution of 6 parties, [and] claims MPs [are] aiming to overthrow [the] constitutional monarchy system…”.

The Democrat Party seeks to prevent changes to Article 68, and supports the junta-tutored constitution of 2007.

The petition claims that “the planned amendments to Article 68 [that would] require people to submit petitions only through the Office of the Attorney-General” is an “effort to undermine the constitutional monarchy…”. Because of this the parties of the MPs supporting constitutional reform “should be dissolved” as apparently treasonous.

Like PAD, the undemocratic Democrat Party “called on the Constitutional Court to issue an injunction to suspend the ongoing amendment process until the court issues a ruling.”

Readers with very long memories may recall that at the time of the military junta-backed royalist government’s bid for a “yes” vote on its constitution, there were repeated statements and assurances that elected governments could change the charter. Now these same anti-democratic forces seek to cast the royalist constitution in stone in order to protect their conservative state.