Seeking impunity

2 06 2013

With the Army insisting on its innocence, it has responded to the recent court inquest on the death of Fabio Polenghi, a photo-journalist killed in the military’s clearing of red shirts on 19 May 2010.

A report in Khaosod states that the inquest finding that Fabio was killed by a military bullet fired from the direction of the troops “was the first official act which linked the military′s role to death of Mr. Polenghi, after 3 years of silence and denial.”

Almost immediately, however,  Army spokesman Colonel Wintai said  that:army-snipers

… [while] the bullet may have been fired from the military position at the time, but the security forces had not taken control of all highrise buildings in the area, suggesting that Mr. Fabio might have been killed by unknown militants who took shelter in such buildings.

This claim is a fiction – “Col. Wintai′s remark contradicts with the court inquest which indicated that no other armed elements are believed to be involved in Mr. Polenghi′s death” – it this is the Army brass narrative  maintained since it murderous crackdown.

The Army has always had impunity when it has murdered Thai citizens and the creation of disingenuous accounts is a part of that process, no matter  that the evidence shows snipers, live fire zones and so on.

Colonel Wintai made the brass’s fictional account more bizarre when he said that:

A guardian photo

A Guardian photo

the military had not fired their weapons around the time of Mr. Polenghi′s death. As for numerous videos suggesting otherwise, Col. Wintai dismissed them as propaganda “spread by ill-intentioned people” who want to defame the military.

In other words, the Army says believe our nonsensical claims and reject the evidence.

Wintai joins the Army’s tale with the Democrat Party narrative that is designed to protect then premier Abhisit Vejjajiva and his deputy Suthep Thaugsuban who ordered the murderous crackdown. He says:

Shooting red shirts

Shooting red shirts

The footage only show events in which the personnel exchanged fire with armed militants who obstruct our operation in the area. This happened long after Fabio′s death….

There is much video evidence and many witness accounts that contradict this fabrication.

Of course, the Army is never prepared to provide any evidence in courts as it seeks to maintain its capacity for murdering civilians in defense of itself and the monarchical state.



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