Abhisit and failed credibility

4 06 2013

Abhisit Vejjajiva is a tainted political leader. Yet, as a scion of the elite, he maintains a remarkably high opinion of himself, having few qualms about offering uninvited advice.

At The Nation, the Democrat Party leader and former premier has “urged the government … to consider why people had to wear masks to protest against it.” Abhisit reckons “the government should not have dismissed the protesters as the same old group of opponents.”

PPT has already pointed out that the these protesters are old wine in a small, new bottle. Abhisit seems miffed that the Puea Thai government has correctly identified yet another royalist political gimmick.

Yet when Abhisit blathers that the “government should have considered what caused them to come out to protest,” PPT can only wonder if Abhisit ever considered why tens of thousands of red shirts demanded an election in 2009 and 2010?

Abhisit’s response to huge demonstrations was not consideration and reform, but violent crackdown through murderous military action.

Is this a man who should offer advice to an elected government? Obviously not, but Abhisit maintains the disdain arrogance of the royalist elite.



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