Cyberspace and lese majeste

21 06 2013

A site new to us has come to PPT’s attention. It is 4M, a French site that reports in French and English on social media and blogs. Logo4MBlog3

This site came to our attention when Thaweporn Kummetha posted on lese majeste and computer crimes laws. She doesn’t say much that most PPT readers wouldn’t already know, but this story presents as a “young journalist’s fight against lese majeste.” Thaweporn says that her eye-opening moment was the 2009 charging of Chiranuch Premchaiporn,

One aspect of the story that deserves some attention is this:ad468

It is more and more obvious to me that Thailand is democratic only on its surface. It is sadder that many journalists in this country kowtow to the undemocratic law. There is no excuse for journalists not to protest against the law that suppresses freedom of expression. They are the ones who exercise the right to freedom of expression everyday.

She makes a good point.

There are a couple of related stories on social media in Southeast Asia and blogging around the world, including Thailand.



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