Tired and lost

9 07 2013

PPT was struck by a recent report at The Nation on anti-government protesters and another, also at The Nation, referring to former premier Abhisit Vejjajiva. Both reports appeared to be comments on the tired and lost who remain defiant.

The first report was about the bedraggled group of protesters who have been at Sanam Luang for about two months, wanting to topple the government. As the report says, this small group, led by People’s Alliance for Democracy campaigner Chaiwat Sinsuwong,

… are not clear on when, or if they will ever achieve that goal [in ousting the government]. There is also no agreement on who should replace the Pheu Thai Party and Prime Minister Yingluck Shinawatra, if that day finally comes.

We aren’t even sure if they know why they want to do this.

It was these Sanam Luang protesters who were accused of usurping the white mask movement a couple of weeks ago.

The group consists of “the anti-government Thai Patriotic Front, the Palang Thammatippatai and farmers’ groups protesting the rice-pledging scheme… [and] … [a]bout a dozen Santi Asoke members….

The report is interesting on the rag-tag Palang Thammatippatai protesters for “their communist-style workers’ uniforms – a leftover from the 1960s.” One of them “said he was a real communist supporter, and had joined the rally to call on the government to turn power over to the people,” and then explained that:

the uniforms and caps with red stars …were provided to the group, but he declined to name the benefactor. Before he could provide any more details to this Nation reporter, Yod was taken away by security officers.

The second report, on Abhisit, who “now spends much of his political career attending trials and court hearings … “sometimes as a plaintiff, or witness – but also as a co-defendant in a trial against him and his former deputy prime minister Suthep Thaunsuban – with whom he stands accused of ordering the killings of red-shirt demonstrators in 2010.”

On his claimed innocence, Abhisit quotes his wife but my wife [Pimpen Vejjajiva] is not worried at all.”  Abhisit  says “[s]he strongly believes in my innocence,” which must convince just about everyone….

Abhisit goes on to reveal:

“I told her that someone wanted me to support the amnesty bill [which would allow former prime minister Thaksin Shinawatra to return home) – saying the case against me would be dropped if I did. Do you know what she said? She said if I negotiated with them, she would divorce me. She said if that means I end up in jail, so be it.”

Hmm. Not sure what t do with that. “Someone”? Wonder who? It really does all sound a bit weak and tired.

At least Abhisit shows some progress. For one who refused to face an election, when he proclaims that the Democrat Party must be pretty darn good because it “won the Bangkok governor’s election and the Don Muang by-election” it seems he is recognizing that elections are significant. Well, at least the ones his party wins, anyway.

The final statement: “After taking everything into consideration, including my future, I still want to be Abhisit – not Thaksin,” might be a laugh, but it is a sad and sorry claim.



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