Inquest on Ampol’s death

14 08 2013

PPT is late in posting this link to a story at Khaosod several days ago, reporting the beginning of the inquest into the death in custody of lese majeste prisoner Ampol Tangnopakul. His wife, Rosmalin, requested that the court to investigate the circumstances of his death.

The court heard that the autopsy, “by Dr. Kittibhumi Juthasmit, the director of Phoo Singha Hospital in Sri Saket province, revealed plaques formed inside Mr. Amphon′s artery, covering up to 60% of the area. The blocking resulted in Mr. Amphon′s fatal heart failure.”

The doctor criticized the prison′s hospital “should have had [basic] equipment to rescue Mr. Amphon before he died.” He added that “negligence” in the prison hospital had “ultimately led to his death…”.



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