Busy days for the protectors of the monarchy

17 08 2013

The media has been full of reports in recent days of authorities and self-appointed protectors of the monarchy seeking out anyone who dares to speak of the monarchy in ways that royalists don’t like or to challenge royalist propaganda.

Much of the “work” has been in response to critical, satirical or joking comments on the monarchy  following the sudden move by the king and queen to Hua Hin. Some have even dared to joke that the whole was a bit like Weekend at Bernie’s. So the protectors have been hunting down the jokers, considered dangerous republicans.Wax king

Many readers may have already seen the widespread reports that the police are drilling down further in their work to find those guilty of

An AP report tells of police asking the operator of “Line” instant messaging “for access to records of online chats…”.

Technology Crime Suppression Division boss Pisit Paoin said “… police want to review the data of users they suspect are involved in crimes, including making statements against the Thai monarchy…”.

While Prime Minister Yingluck Shinawatra has commented that “the government did not intend to limit people’s freedom…” everyone knows that when it comes to the monarchy, there is no such freedom.

Meanwhile, the Bangkok Post reports on the unofficial protectors getting their underwear in a knot over the eel,  Department of Special Investigation (DSI) Tharit Pengdit.

About  30 anti-government white masks – that’s probably all of them at the moment – rallied at DSI to allege that Tharit had committed lese majeste.

The white masks “were dissatisfied that Mr Tarit, the DSI chief, has accepted for investigation as a special case a complaint against Mallika Boonmeetrakul, the deputy spokeswoman of the Democrat Party,” alleged to have doctored a picture of Prime Minister Yingluck Shinawatra, implying she is a slut.

Malilika has a history of trashy allegations against Yingluck and in using lese majeste for political gain.

But the complaint is now about Tharit for referring to the premier as “the head of state”. As every Thai is meant to know, the king is the “constitutional head of state” even when he abuses the constitutional role.

For this “slip,” Tharit is accused of lese majeste. It is kind of ironic as DSI is one of the agencies that zealously “protects” the monarchy. In line with that, the despicable Tharit “claimed that those who accused him in public could themselves also be seen as committing lese majeste.”

Let’s have all the royalist throwing each other in jail!

All of the chatter about the monarchy has prompted the palace to action. The Bangkok Post reports that a royal doctor has been wheeled out to state that the king and queen are in “excellent” health and are “enjoying the seaside weather at the palace in Hua Hin district in Prachuap Khiri Khan.”

The doctor added that a “team of royal doctors is on hand around the clock to look after Their Majesties…”.

And royal health spokeswoman Princess Chulabhorn, despite the PR disasters of her previous appearances, is to “appear on Channel 9’s Woody Kert Ma Kui talk show on Saturday to discuss the health of Their Majesties.” That will get lots of viewers just to look at the astonishing fawning and odd behavior.



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