Silence should be golden

24 08 2013

After a few busy days, we get a chance to mention Army boss General Prayuth Chan-ocha getting a bit fidgety and outspoken. For a short time he has been a little less of a loudmouth, but Army bosses cannot break the the habit of offering advice and observations in areas where they should be quiet.

At Khaosod, the boss goes to the big boss to offer “advice” to politicians. While the sight of your favorite party acting like a bunch of drunken sergeants in parliament might be unedifying and even disappointing, Prayuth should tape his mouth.

Instead, he “suggested” politicians “learn from the teaching of His Majesty the King which stressed on solving the problems with careful consciousness.” Of course it isn’t only kings who offer such advice, but in Thailand, if the king says it, it has to be good….

Perhaps Prayuth might have been okay with that and left it, but he can’t help himself. He stated that “Politicians should not use anger to solve the problems…”. We guess he means the Democrat Party thugs, but even if he does, he should not be making a comment.Prayuth should learn to keep his mouth shut.

Prayuth should learn to keep his mouth shut.

He then adds:

We should be vigilant of the threat to our country. His Majesty the King and Her Majesty the Queen are still ill. I want everyone to do good so they can be happy and relieved” said Gen. Prayuth. He did not specify which kind of threats.

Like the reporters, we have no idea what the “threat” is.

The Democrat Party and People’s Alliance for Democracy teaming up and demanding a coup? The PAD lot have said that the unDemocrats should scrap parliament and scrap in the streets, so perhaps Prayuth is worried about that? Who knows?

He asserts:

“I am not taking any side. I am speaking as a Thai and as the chief of Army,” Gen. Prayuth said, adding that Thailand could face the unrest similar to what′s happening in Egypt if the political factions fail to find a common dialogue…. Do we really want to see Thailand ending up like that?”

Huh? Wasn’t it his lot that made Thailand a trailer for Egypt? Wasn’t it the Thai military blasting away at demonstrators with war weapons? Speaking as “chief of the Army” is the problem. The chief of the Army needs to learn that, for professional soldiers, silence is golden. The Army boss should not be a political figure.



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