Prem reconciled?

26 08 2013

One of the old men who feel they run Thailand for the elite has celebrated his 94th birthday. Privy Council President and (semi-)retired General Prem Tinsulanonda probably startled more than a few when he reportedly “called on the armed forces to support Prime Minister and Defence Minister Yingluck Shinawatra.”

As is usual, Prem opened “his Sisao Thewes residence to the prime minister and military leaders who came to wish him a happy birthday.” Actually, having the premier along is not always usual, and the residence is not owned by him, but by the Army/taxpayer.Prem and Yingluck

According to Defence Ministry permanent-secretary Thanongsak Apirakyothin, Prem “wanted the leaders of all three branches of the armed forces to throw their support behind Ms Yingluck to work in the national interest.” He also asked “Yingluck to take care of the nation….”.

Prem has been behind many of the anti-Thaksin Shinawatra movements, making speeches that attacked elected governments and is widely believed to have been involved in planning for the 2006 military coup. So if Yingluck has been able to charm the old curmudgeon, her government will be more stable. The die-hard anti-Thaksinistas and even some red shirts will be aghast.



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