26 08 2013

While we generally enjoyed the the New York Times on the Democrat Party’s political machinations, we wonder why the reporters think the Party has “a reputation as the staid, well-mannered and intellectual voice of the Bangkok establishment…”. Staid it may be, but nothing in its history matches “well-mannered” or “intellectual.” The claim that the “has long  … been firmly dedicated to resolving differences inside Parliament,” seem equally misplaced.

Yes, the Democrat Party is trying to lead a street protest, but the idea that this lot can lead the masses is bizarre:

“We are gathering up the masses, people left behind by this government,” Sathit Wongnongtoey, a Democrat Party member of Parliament, told the crowd on Saturday in front of a backdrop with a huge clenched fist. “We will rise up and fight.”

The Party thinks it “can mobilize hundreds of thousands of people on the streets…”. The NYT may have said that the Democrat Party has never done this before.

They may be trying to convince themselves that they are PADistas, it remains clear that they still prefer the military to do the fighting for them. After all, they always have servants to do the hard stuff for them.Abhisit

The NYT says even Abhisit Vejjajiva’s speech to the not so large masses “was earthy and markedly more aggressive than his previous remarks.” That some in the Party “used coarse language to criticize the government, and the crowd repeatedly called for Ms. Yingluck’s ouster with a vulgar chant” is not particularly new.

The Democrat Party is undoubtedly the party of royalists since the day it was formed. The Party has a record of low blows to defeat those it sees as its enemies and foes of the monarchy. Historians tell us that it was the Democrat Party that was responsible for spreading rumors in Bangkok back in 1946 that held Pridi Phanomyong to blame for “killing” King Ananda Mahidol. Democrat Party stooges yelled this accusation in darkened cinemas. Pridi went into exile and remained outside Thailand for the rest of his life.

The Democrat Party has a record of supporting the military when it suits, supporting extremists when it finds it useful, it has shot down protesters and thrown opponents in jail and vigorously censored.

Well-mannered? Hardly.



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